Tuscan Chic

Virginia Bride Magazine * January 2020 * Cover Story

Southern Charm & Elegance with a Pinch of Tuscan Sparkle

Tuscany Inspired Styled Photo Shoot in Round Hill, Virginia

Southern charm that evokes a classic and timeless feel was the inspiration for this styled shoot which was a dream to design, plan and execute. Elisa Yu-Shan and Sanaz Fahimi wanted to showcase the heart and soul of The Manor and they pulled together a dream team to make it happen in less than a month. Showcasing the heart behind something through photos is no small feat but Elisa and Sanaz nailed it. We believe that beautiful surroundings, tons of yummy food and drink and a warm, inviting atmosphere create magic and that’s exactly what we did.

The venue, The Manor at Airmont, is a house reminiscent of times gone by with the deep front porch, the rocking chairs, surrounding countryside and black and white color scheme. When you step inside the two-story great room and railings remind you of New Orleans and the chandeliers create drama. The fireplace, wood floors, and exposed beams in the Conservatory create a warm balance to the drama of the chandeliers. The back deck was reimagined by adding string lights and setting the tables up under the stars.

The Manor Is All About Family.
The Manor is a joint family venture. A Year Ago, We Lost Our Brother Joseph After A Lengthy Battle With Mental Illness. After His Death, What Began As An Idea To Expand The Family Catering Business Grew Into A Full-Blown Family Business Venture With The Purchase Of The Manor. Celebrating Joseph’s Life Was The Catalyst And The Beginning Of A New Venture. Since family is at the heart of The Manor, we want everyone that walks in to feel the warmth of our hospitality, be charmed by an unforgettable experience and leave wanting to come back.

Setting a beautiful table at The Manor is only part of the experience. As a family, the table is the heart of our home and the centerpiece of everything we do. Great conversation, loud laughter, amazing food and the warmth of enjoying it with people you love is the experience we wanted to create at The Manor.

A seat at this beautifully curated table, would evoke a timelessly classic feel with the shantung silk tablecloth and the Ballet Mariana overlay from BBJ Linen. The florals are lush and full atop a gold stand so that conversation can flow freely. The dark, wooden cross back chairs from Sammy’s Rental balanced out the formality and glamour of the tablescape by adding casual warmth that pulled in the exposed beams of our conservatory. We took a moment to imagine a room full of guests seated at these beautiful tables, food overflowing, drinks and laughter pouring out while the candles flicker, everyone waiting for the moment the bride and groom enter with the “just married” glow.

The food is an all-important element at any wedding. It’s one of the things that can be so memorable people will talk about it long after the beautiful day is over or it can be completely forgettable. We wanted to elevate cocktail hour by turning the whole table into a grazing bar, a feast for your eyes, as well as, your senses. The food at your reception should taste amazing, inspire conversation and leave you surprised by a few elements. Nothing brings people together to enjoy an event more than food.

Incredible fresh florals set the design tone for any event. Installs that take your breath away and make you wonder, “How did they do that?” is part of any curated experience at The Manor. The color scheme was a combination of whites and warm blushes, a classic wedding combination. Lush greenery coupled with the creamy roses created a beautiful backdrop inside and out to frame-in and compliment the beauty of the bride and groom.

Jacqui wore “Luella”, one of the showstoppers from Suzanne Neville’s 2019 collection, Luella features the most exquisite lace covered bodice and full length sleeves with a fab high neckline, which sits above a romantic, ethereal skirt.

Award winning British designer Suzanne Neville has led the way in the couture bridal and fashion industry for the last 25 years, known for creating simple and elegant fashion forward gowns with a real wow factor. Suzanne’s collections include an eclectic mix of styles, fabrics, and silhouettes, her gowns are as diverse as they are unique.

For this bridal look it was all about a soft and neutral finish with a little pop of color. We prepped her skin using a moisturizer with no SPF because it can draw more lights that needed for a smooth finish. I did prime her face all over which is very important. For makeup application, Masuma used an HD foundation with a very natural finish, and blended it well all over, especially at the corners of eyes, since cameras pick up visible makeup lines.

For her eyes Masuma used a white shadow as a highlighter on the brow bone and contoured her eyes with a taupe shade, this is critical for any eye makeup. We again used a neutral vanilla shade all over her lids with charcoal shade to create a more define look. Masuma opted out a liner because it tends to look harsher on brides and takes away from the natural finish for a daytime wedding. Masuma used waterproof mascara; it lasts longer and withstands tears. Masuma defined her brows with gel brow liner; she finds gel helps give the right shape to any eyebrow.

A pop of color on the cheeks is like an instant facelift, so we used a matte pink blush with a very light touch, she did not use any highlighter because again it can draw more lights in unnecessary places.
For this bride we really wanted to highlight her lips, we chose light pink/peach lip color and ended the finished look with clear lip gloss. I felt with the neutral look the lip needed to be not too pale that may appear washed out on photos. We used a blend of lip colors to achieve the perfect look.

To finish, Masuma used bronzing powder on her chest and neck to even out the skin tone, I think it made her skin look more luminous and ensured that her face matches her body.

This bride’s hair was super simple, big curls created with hot roller and then brushed down to give a wavy look. Masuma ensured that waves do not look too defined but not too loose at the same time. Extra hold hair spray did the trick, her hair was perfect throughout the shoot.

Mario and Jacqueline Paz met in college during pre-season as college athletes. The two found they are both family oriented and enjoy spending time playing cards and exploring new places surrounded by the ones they love. The couple married shortly after Mario proposed to Jacqueline at Disney World surrounded by their families. The couple has been married for a little over two years and still consider themselves living in the “honeymoon phase”. They recently bought their first home together and are enjoying the process of owning a fixer-upper with their dog Pumba. The Paz family looks forward to enjoying their time together working on their home, watching soccer games, thrift shopping and whatever new adventures come their way.

Jacqui is Miss Virginia USA 2017. She graduated from UCA in 2012; graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at West Virginia University Tech in 2016 while playing volleyball; and completed her Master’s degree in Forensic Science in 2019. While at WVU Tech she earned the Presidential Leadership Award.

Wedding buttercream cakes are commonly known as traditional cakes. They are still a go-to icing option for many modern couples. Buttercream cakes use what is known as classic frosting. This type of frosting is incredibly simply yet versatile; allowing for easy color selection, easy flavor selection and easy style selection. It serves as the perfect canvas for floral ornaments, piping, and/or décor. Additionally, it can be light and not overly sweet.

Dessert Carts offer a popular modern-day spin-off to the dessert buffet concept. Dessert Buffet offer couples the opportunity to provide a wide selection of sweets and treats for their guests, while displaying them as visual art – part of the décor without breaking the bank and staying within budget.

Details differentiate an event from a GREAT event; and invitations set the tone for any event. Invitations provide a “sneak peak” of what is to come. They share logistics details, event themes and colors as well as what attire to wear. This invitation suite was created with a hand-drawn image of The Manor by the talented Caitlin Troilo-Waddell to fit the color scheme. The invite suite was printed on rice paper and embellished with silk ribbons. The colors were kept neutral, the font elegant and simple, and the colors complimented the wedding décor.

The cart doubled as a dessert cart and then turned into a bouquet bar for the guests to take a bouquet home as a favor. This white cart is the epitome of luxury, class, and fun! It was uniquely decorated as a “Flower Cart” and as a “Dessert Cart”. This cart has the versatility of looking stunning as a dessert display, floral display, cocktail cart, and the list goes on. Let us help you create your cart display in grand style!