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Selecting the Right Wedding Venue

Selecting the Right Wedding Venue

You’ve experienced that just-right feeling of finding “the one!” You may even have your eye on the perfect dress. Now, for one of the most important details–the venue!

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing your perfect venue. First, it’s important to create your budget and make a list of possibilities based upon it. Next, determine your guest list and decide how much you can spend per head. Once you are ready to narrow down your venues, create a list of pros and cons. What is included in the price? Is there wheelchair accessibility for handicapped friends or family members? Is there free parking? When ready, call the top three venues on your list and check if your wedding date is available. Once you determine which venues meet your needs and have your date available, schedule a tour of the top venues on your list.

Call in the Experts for the Perfect Wedding Venue

Finding the right venue seems daunting with all of the details described above, but it doesn’t have to be. Planning an event requires being creative, resourceful, an “outside the box” thinker, and a highly-experienced planner. Your best allies in planning your wedding will be your planner and time.

Did you know that on average, 40-50 percent of your budget will go to the wedding reception? There are a few venues that offer a big bang for your buck! One of these venues is 2941 Restaurant. Nestled in the heart of Falls Church, 2941 Restaurant is a hidden gem. It offers great views, amazing cuisine and excellent customer service.

2941 Restaurant offers:

  • Indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony space;
  • Indoor and outdoor cocktail space;
  • Reception space with a view;
  • Complimentary valet parking;
  • Access to award-winning, licensed and insured event professionals;
  • Menu tasting meeting for couples to finalize their wedding menus;
  • Outdoor area with view of pond, koi ponds and waterfalls;
  • Food, beverage and staff are included in your package;
  • Space options for intimate weddings (15-20 guests), small-sized weddings (25-40), medium-sized weddings (50-70 guests), and large weddings (160-200 guests);
  • In-house rentals including white linens, gold Chiavari chairs, white china, clear barware and silver flatware, round tables, cocktail tables, sweetheart tables, and cake tables;
  • Unique art pieces;
  • LCD screen with LCD projector; and
  • Clean and spacious restrooms.

At Exceptional Events by Elisa, we have the honor and privilege of being part of 2941 Restaurant’s preferred vendors. We would like to share some of the behind the scenes perks of booking 2941 Restaurant:

  • Their executive chef personally checks every plated dish before it is served;
  • There is an army of 30+ staff in the kitchen per event;
  • Food allergies are accommodated and addressed professionally;
  • Their staff is thoroughly trained and offer excellent customer service;
  • Left over cake, and food for guests who were a no-show, is packed and handed to a designated individual at the end of the event;
  • They have a back-up plan for every potential hiccup, including poor weather;
  • Many of their staff have been with the venue since it opened, or for the last 8-10 years; and
  • Staff check restrooms prior to events to ensure they are clean.

Ready to start planning? Interested in learning more about our services and about 2941? If you are looking for an experienced event and wedding planner to take command of the vendors, coordinate logistics, and ensure that everything runs smoothly, look no further than Exceptional Events by Elisa. We would love to provide you with an exceptional wedding and event planning experience! Please call us at 703-752-6287 and schedule an appointment today!



You Can’t Afford NOT to Use a Planner!

You Can’t Afford NOT to Use a Planner!

The love of your life proposed, and following an emphatic “yes”, you are now engaged! Congratulations! You can’t wait to begin planning your dream wedding, but the job of turning your wedding vision into reality is quickly turning into a nightmare. Should you continue planning your own wedding only to further deepen your frustration? Should you hire an amateur wedding planner to save money? Or should you listen to your wise married friends and make a strategic investment, for the sake of your sanity, to hire a seasoned professional wedding planner?

If you aspire to achieve your wedding vision with your nerves and sanity intact, a professional wedding planner with a keen eye for design and detail is the wisest investment you can make! Here’s why:

Knowledge and experience: When you hire a professional planner, you are hiring experience, knowledge, and refined talent. Experienced planners constantly grow their knowledge base and stay on top of trends through research and continued education. This makes them experts at what they love to do. Experienced planners are equipped to anticipate and troubleshoot emergencies that may arise before and during your event, allowing you to thoroughly enjoy your big day and focus on your guests without stress.

Savings of time and money: A professional planner is truly a worthwhile investment — one that will save you precious time and money. Most couples have a strict wedding budget and timeline to which they need to adhere. Your professional planner will make it a priority to help you achieve the biggest bang for your buck. They will crunch numbers and score discounts, stretching your dollars and securing the best deals.

Bringing your vision to life: A great planner will loyally protect the distinct vision you have developed for your wedding, ensuring the details and the big picture never deviate from your wishes. Many vendors tackle more than one wedding per day or per weekend, leading to mix-ups, distraction, and disappointment. A dedicated professional planner will focus solely on your special day and will serve as the head conductor of your grand wedding symphony. They will ensure everything looks, feels, tastes, and sounds perfect, according to your unique vision.

Connections: Experienced planners have access to a large network of tested and proven wedding vendors. A great planner will not only help you to secure discounts, but will also help you to select vendors whose services are truly worth what they charge. Seasoned planners will connect you with budget-friendly vendors that will achieve your unique wedding’s style, and identify extras that can be added to a service as a bonus. Professional planners expertly focus on each vendor’s value and reputation, which is a priceless benefit to your budget and your wedding experience.

Your sanity: Peace of mind before and during your wedding day is priceless. On average, wedding planning conducted by nonprofessionals takes between 250 to 500 hours to complete — hours that would be better spent making sweet memories with your spouse-to-be. It is frequently a source of stress that leads to tension between a couple, at times leading to the disastrous end of a relationship. Hiring a seasoned planner allows you to hand off time-consuming responsibilities so that you have space to enjoy the romance of this unique moment in your life. A professional planner is adept at scheduling appointments, working with vendors, and handling the nitty-gritty issues and inevitable hiccups related to planning your big day. A professional planner will hand you back your sanity so that you can truly enjoy the planning process and your relationship.

Are you looking for an experienced event and wedding planner to take command of the vendors, coordinate logistics, and ensure that everything runs smoothly? Exceptional Events by Elisa would love to provide you with an exceptional wedding and event planning experience! Please call us at 703-752-6287, and schedule an appointment today!

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